Salesio High School(Catholic Mission)

Hongik University Animation(B.A)

“It’s a fun painting dedicated to the

existence of a madly curious god.”

I’m from a Catholic mission school, and I was influenced by Catholicism

I grew up with my mother under the influence of Buddhism.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says this world is a holographic simulation

program If not, the universe is not explained.

I totally agree with Musk.

We’re digital characters in a perfect math program

Inside the system of feeling and thinking

After all, this is also a reality that cannot be escaped.

It honestly expresses the desires and pleasures of human characters

in the hologram Defeat numerous distractions and eventually receive

God’s grace and salvation I’m drawing hope.

Unknown forms of letters contain messages you want

to encounter with God It’s my own designed text.

The stereotypes such as sexual nuns, goblins, religious deviations, etc

When moral expectations are broken, there are conflicting characters

The tension is complete with fun elements.

Everyone who has this painting receives divine energy

My hope is that I will be saved by God, full of love and wealth 

It’s in the painting.